The Steel City Folk School is an organization that is in its infancy.  It is our goal to grow our school, have a full time home, and offer long term courses that stretch over weeks or months to provide people with even more in-depth learning experiences. 

As we begin to move towards this future community, we are beginning with a number of Pop-Up events to share our ideas and explore the interests of the larger community. These Pop-Up Events will have a schedule similar to the ones listed below:


 Potluck and Presentation
 Evening Courses


12:00-5:00Long and Short Courses
6:00-8:00Talks and Music

Pop-Up Events

Lauren Hinish, Creative Director

​Has been learning and teaching, all the while dreaming up schemes to  bring good people together.

Randy Bartlett, Founder,

Executive Director

Has been imagining a community of learning like the SCFS for a long time and is thrilled that it is becoming a reality. 


The Steel City Folk School exists to create communities of learning in the Pittsburgh region.  

The idea for the Folk School began when a group of inspired people recognized all of the amazing talents, interests and skills that their friends possessed, and wanted to share them with the larger community. We believe that everyone is a teacher and that everyone is a student. We are striving to create a place where people can come to learn from each other, share unique expertise, and to build a community together.  

The Steel City Folk School is part of the tradition of Folk Schools and strives to incorporate multiple traditions of learning. We are inspired by the folk school movement in all of its forms, from the heritage craft model, North House Folk School, to the overtly activist model, Highlander Center.  In addition, we are inspired by creative and non-traditional education and community systems some historical, Black Mountain College and some current, Schumacher College

Therefore the Steel City Folk School has two primary areas of courses that it will offer.  Some courses will fit in both categories and all courses will support each other in building a community of learning. The Steel City Folk School will nurture the Mind through Awareness, the Body through Artifacts and the Heart through the Community.



It is the mission of the Steel City Folk School to create a community of learning that will nurture the Mind, the Body, and the Heart by providing opportunities to explore new skills and ideas in a curious, caring and welcoming community.

SCFS courses are free of charge. Instructors are volunteers. We rely on the kind support of generous folks who donate their time, talents and funds to bring this community together.

For this, we are forever thankful.

This project supported in part by a Seed Award from
​The Sprout Fund

The Sprout Fund enriches the Pittsburgh region’s vitality by engaging citizens, amplifying voices, supporting creativity and innovation, and cultivating connected communities.

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Paige Wiegman, Director of Operations 

Has been teaching in many schools in Pittsburgh and beyond.  She also has the skills and disposition to keep this and any ship afloat.


​​​Steel City Folk School